Plenary Speakers

Professor Judith Campisi
Professor of Biogerontology, Buck Institute for Research on Aging, USA.
“Stem cells and ageing: Cell autonomous and non-autonomous drivers of tissue ageing and the promise of stem cell replacement therapies”
Professor Thomas A Rando
Professor of Neurology and Neurological Sciences; Director of the Glenn Laboratories for the Biology of Aging, Stanford University, USA.
“Stem Cell Aging: Functional Consequences and Rejuvenation Strategies”
Professor Hartmut Geiger
Professor and Director, Institute for Molecular Medicine, Ulm University, Germany.
Professor Jüergen Goetz
Director of CJCADR Clem Jones Centre for Ageing Dementia Research Queensland Brain Institute
“Rodent models of ageing dementia – what can we learn from them?”

Keynote Speakers

A/Professor Mathew Blurton-Jones
Assistant Professor, Neurobiology and Behavior School of Biological Sciences, UC Irvine, USA.
Dr Gawain McColl
Group Leader, The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Australia.
Dr Lindsay Wu
NHMRC Senior Lecturer, School of Medical Sciences, UNSW, Australia.
Professor Susie Nilsson
OCE Science Leader, CSIRO

Invited Speakers

Speaker list currently being finalised

A/Professor Victoria Cogger
Concord Clinical School, ANZAC Research Institute, The University of Sydney, Australia.
Dr Cesar Moreno
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, UQ-StemCARE
Dr Matt Piper
ARC Future Fellow, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.
Dr Jana Vukovic
Senior Lect in Biomedical Sciences School of Biomedical Sciences Faculty of Medicine
Associate Professor Derek Richard
Chenhall Research Scientist Faculty of Health, School - Biomedical Sciences, Research - Biomedical Sciences
Dr Rodrigo Mendeiros
Senior Research Fellow Queensland Brain Institute
Professor Christopher Proud
Theme Leader, Nutrition & Metabolism, SAHMRI, Director, Hopwood Centre for Neurobiology, Professor, Biochemistry & Cell Biology, University of Adelaide
Dr Joan Li
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, AIBN, The University of Queensland
Dr Neil Bower
Dr Neil Bower Research Officer Institute for Molecular Bioscience
Dr Frederik Steyn
Postdoctoral Research Fellow UQ Centre for Clinical Research Faculty of Medicine


Held on the 25-26 June at the University of Queensland, the conference will bring together researchers to discuss highly innovative and multidisciplinary research programs to tackle the challenges of the demographic change of an ageing society with a particular focus on Stem Cells, Ageing & Rejuvenation.